Never idolize a musician. Musicians are not perfect and they don’t need to be role models for anyone. They have flaws and they’re human. So never idolize a musician. Except Laura Marling. Laura Marling is a goddess.




Laura Marling at ’In the Woods Festival’

Oh, I am a lonely painter

I live in a box of paints

I’m frightened by the devil

And I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid

Hey, are you listening? I have something I need you to see. It’s tough, and triumphant, and beautiful. It’s everything thats ever blazed and burnt inside in my head. It’s a show and I’m bringing it to your city soon. I’m Lorde, by the way. I’ll see you there.  



Jonathan Pilkington Photographer

Laura Marling


HAIM My Song 5