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So these are some pictures for charms that my friend Anna made.
You can go check out her tumblr and/or devianart below:




There’s a conditioning that that’s just what you do. I know it’s not the same for everybody, but that, to me, becomes like the conditioning back in childhood. You’re told when to sleep, you’re told what time to get up. You’re told to take a shower, when to take a shower. That stuff will rot your brain. I’m not surprised that so many musicians become drug addicts. What the fuck? If you stop exercising that part of your adult brain then obviously you’re not going to be able to cope when you get back into reality. I have combated that now by touring on my own, without a tour manager, without a guitar tech, and it allows me to remain in reality and to remain human. I think if I was touring with a band it wouldn’t be possible; but on my own it’s more than possible for me to do that. And that absolutely keeps me from being complacent because I am constantly on my toes, getting myself from one place to the other or setting up guitars. It’s nice to feel like I’m working, like there’s some labor to my love, because playing guitar and singing songs is my absolute pleasure but sometimes it’s nice to feel like it’s a job, too.” - Laura Marling

original by Carl Spring

To Kill A King feat. Dan Smith / Choices (Live) / Bardot, Hollywood {x}


Lorde + Teen Vogue photo shoot (X)


I’ve been out walking as I often do
humming a tune and thinking of you
I saw a man asleep by the road
hanging on tightly to his little load
he’s got nothing but the road under his head
I’m so fucking glad that I sleep in a bed
and I’m so ashamed that I get up every day
and think of all the reasons I can piss it away.

Having sex with Dan Smith
Dan: I can't believe someone came


Dan Smith being a cutie in New York. (x)